Get to know Stephie Baker

Stephanie Baker lives with her three horses- Rose (modeling is her favorite), Peppy, and Apollo, two dogs- Thalia and Ollie, and cat- Sofia. She is from Upstate New York, but has relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Stephanie has been working with animals since childhood. She was unaware that talking to animals was an ability not many utilized. Talking with and understanding the animals came natural for her. As an animal communicator, she utilizes her psychic and medium abilities yet, she does not consider herself a ‘Pet Psychic.’

"My method of communication with animals is in connecting with their current consciousness, as well as their higher self. I am able to connect directly with the animal rather than just reading the animal’s energy. This allows me to have a better understanding of how animals think, the motivation for their behavior, including the lessons they have lived and taught to others. During a session in working with an animal, I must also take into account the role the animal’s person has in a behavioral problem.

In my ability to speak with animals in spirit, although it is comforting for the pet parents to know their fur baby is okay in the afterlife, I prefer to relay the animal’s point of view as an important message for the parent. 

My history as an animal communicator falls more along the line of working with the equestrian animals since I have been around horses all of my life. When communicating with the animals, I realize that I have been granted passage into the animal experience allowing me to share their world with you."