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Let's Talk The 1% Rule...

Listen, I know you've heard about the 1% rule, but have you had a chance to really apply it to your life? Everyone always talks about the 1% a day and in 100 days (a little more than 3 months) and you'll be 100% better.

Well, that only works if you actually know how to apply it. A lot of times people tend to reach too far into the future and get discouraged before they even hit 30%. I'd like to give you a few tips on how to actually make the 1% work for you!

I tend to find that this type of rule works best when you have very little motivation or energy to put towards a goal. Let's dive into my situation. I'm not going to go too far into detail about how I ended up having to sell my saddles, because that's for a total different blog. We are going to start with my goal...

GOAL: I want to season one of my horses this coming year 2023.

For starters, I'm definitely NOT going to tell myself how that's impossible right now. It's a goal which is why it hasn't been achieved yet. What I'm going to do is figure out what I can do NOW to start working towards that goal. In this moment, due to my circumstances which are beyond my control, I lack motivation and energy. So what could I possibly do to work towards that goal with no saddles, no riding arena, no motivation, no energy- shit this list could go on and on. HOWEVER, you get the idea. I have to dig down deep and find something small. I mean like real small!

1% : Picking my horses feet out every night.

I bet you're thinking, "Why the hell would that be what she chose to work towards a riding goal?" Well, I'm going to answer that. I chose picking my horses feet out, because a.) I know I have to do it, b.) it doesn't take much effort or motivation, and c.) I do it every time I ride! This small picking my horses feet out, turned into my 2%.

2%: Brushing my horses and picking their feet out.

Again, this act needs to be done before I ride and after. Right now, it's extremely muddy outside and we have clay. Scratches are a huge problem in acidic ground and it's too cold to rinse them off every night. So there are multiple motivating factors here. Anyway, let's get into my 3%.

3%: Backing my horses out to the paddock and back into the barn before and after turnout.

Backing is an exercise I go to regularly. It really builds their hindquarters and trust in me as their handler.

At this point I think you're getting the idea that there is so much I can do to prepare for seasoning my horse without having a saddle. Not only am I seasoning a routine for them, but for myself as well. I'm building my motivation and their skill set in small incremented ways. This way I'm not overwhelming myself with everything I have to accomplish to get my horse seasoned. Feeling like you have too much to do with little time, can make you give up on a goal before you even get there!

Take baby steps! I hope this helped! Leave a comment if you'd like to hear more, and if so which topic! I'm sure I have a life story to share along with it!

As ever,


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