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Welcome! This won't be a long first post, so hang in there. I wanted to give you a few updates on what I have planned for the next coming months. All of the coming events have been a long time in planning, well at least it feels that way.

Without further delay, let's get into it!

Around May this year we decided that Arizona wasn't for us. Go figure, right? The heat set in and I just couldn't handle it. NO one told me the heat is so hot your eyeballs feel it. Plus it feels like you stuck your face in the oven and someone is standing next to you with a blow dryer. TRUTH! Oh, not to mention I've been sick every two weeks since April with no exaggeration here. Shortly after deciding that, we heard news about my Dad. He's sick again, but this time he needs major surgery. My heart sank. We immediately starting planning to put our house up for sale and move back east. I knew I couldn't sell the house quick enough to make it back for the surgery, but at least I could eventually get back to help with other things, even if that's just giving him a place to stay that doesn't have upstate New York winters.

Long story short, we put our house up for sale in July. Almost immediately had a great offer. So we accepted. In September, 5 days before closing, she backs out even after all the negotiations to give her exactly what she wants! I'm obviously more than upset by this with all the back tracking I had to do at that point. BUT nothing more you can do other than move on.

At this point, my Dad has made it successfully through surgery and is on the mend, so we put our house back on the market. We are very fortunate that our sellers back east have continued to stick with us though this. Honestly her backing out was a blessing in disguise, because I had sold both of my horse trailers and with no avail I was struggling to find a new one with living quarters. Horse trailers are quite scarce out here unless they are old and falling apart. Shipping one horse costs an arm and a leg, let alone three. If I'm going to be honest here, I really don't trust anyone to care for my horses, never mind hauling them.

It's now the weekend after and a miracle happens! I find the exact horse trailer I've been searching for since last fall! 2+1 with living quarters! It's about a 7 hour drive from Phoenix to El Paso, so we decided to make a trip of it and I brought my family with me. We stopped at Tombstone, which I highly recommend you put that on your bucket list! I won't get into what that is here, but if you're curious-google it. All in all it was perfect trip and I ended up with the perfect trailer for a great price! (Picture below of the inside of the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, AZ)

Geez this is turning out longer than I intended! Anyway, lets get back to my house being on the market. We receive another offer the next day, better than the first and they are in love with the house! We are thinking, "Wow this is amazing! They want a quick closing, etc etc." The following week the inspection and appraisal is completed. We wait another week for the reports to come in and closing is supposed to be October 15th. So we are already 2-3 weeks into this and then we get the call...the buyer is backing out! Again! All the money and time that has been wasted in the 80 days the house has been on the market...all I could do was laugh at that point. We decided it would be best if we took the house off the market and tried again in the Spring.

We must have a very convincing realtor back east, because she convinced us to stick with it and see if we can get another buyer in. She had a point. If everyone was willing to wait for our house to sell and we've already come this far- why not give it one last shot? So after about a week, we received another offer. We accepted, worked out all the details, and the closing date.

Oh! That damn closing date!

I cannot make this shit up!

The phone rings and it's my realtor. "Steph, we have a problem." Of course we have a problem. It's been nothing but problems for over two months now. Tell me something I couldn't have guessed. The issue is now that my seller is also purchasing a house and her seller is not happy about waiting another 30 days to close. So he's contemplating canceling the whole deal. I let my realtor know that we are still going through with our sale here in Arizona even if they back out. That was an extremely ballsy move, because that's three horses, two 100lbs dogs, a cat, two kids, my husband, and I in a small living quarters. BUT I was willing to make it work some how. My realtor understood where I was coming from and was going to try her best to persuade them to agree to the closing date. I waited for 5 days in agony waiting for an answer. On that fifth day, I got the call- they are going to accept the closing date!

Can you believe it?!

SO I'm very excited to announce that I am relocating to KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE! AND you'll be able to watch my journey across the country, because I finally decided to start a YouTube channel! It was much consideration, but I'm going to do it. For right now, you can check out my first video which is my horse trailer tour (if you're curious what a 2 + 1 is laid out like), which will be uploaded October 18, 2021! Second video will be coming out soon after, on what I'll be bringing for my horses on my trip! The Tennessee trip will be posted at the end of November. Plus, we will be renovating our new house- you won't want to miss the videos on that!

You can find my channel at or just simply search for Stephie Baker. Don't forget to subscribe and ding the notification bell to get updates! Leave a comment on what you'd like to see or don't want to see. Feedback is always welcome!

Farewell Arizona, it was fun while it lasted!

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