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Holistic Equine Nutrition

Holistic Equine Nutrition is an approach to equine nutrition that brings in more than just modern medicine. This approach is tailored to your equine specific needs with use of whole food and herbal supplementation as a complete feed or just an addition to what you are currently doing. 

Please contact me directly to schedule an appointment. Stable visits are not required, but recommended. If you are only needing guidance and not a full diet plan, this can be completed via phone, FaceTime, or email. A travel fee will be applied over 15 miles from my stable. I do frequent the shows in the area,  which can also be an option. 


Starting at $25


Motivational Coaching

This isn't your typical equine coaching atmosphere! This is motivational! With this type of coaching you can overcome fear, gain confidence, change your mindset, have a better relationship with your horse, reach your goals, and be the best version of yourself!  Motivational coaching will account for all your equestrian goals. There is no goal that is too big or too small! 

The world wasn't created overnight and goals can't be achieved overnight either. It is recommended to book at least 2 sessions. A discount will be applied for 2 or more sessions paid for in advance. 

Starting at $45/hr

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Beginner Horsemanship

Beginner Horsemanship lessons are for anyone who sees themselves as a beginner. Are you brand new to horses, have a child that wants to get into horses, just started lessons, or have been taking lessons and want to buy a horse? Then this is for you! We cover all the basics, but can tailor the lesson to what information you want to learn! We can cover grooming, purchasing, costs of owning a horse, nutrition, saddling, and much more!  

Starting at $35/hr

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Barrel Racing Lessons

Please email me if you are interested in barrel racing lessons. These can be done in person or virtually. I can take critique a run and show you where to improve or you can ask what drills could help issues you are having on the pattern (that includes alley way issues). 

Pricing varies.

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